When Your Honeymoon on a Budget Goes Over Budget

by konya on March 15, 2012

As every married couple knows through talking to their friends and watching wedding plans go awry at other people’s weddings, you always need to be prepared for unexpected expenses. When it comes time for their honeymoon though, they relax. They believe that they’ve done all the planning they need to do. They stretch out on a beautiful beach somewhere. Well, for any honeymoon on a budget (which would be practically every honeymoon), you always have to be prepared for the unexpected.

When you’re traveling to a distant location, you can never know for sure that everything’s going to go according to plan. You always discover that you’ve underestimated something or that some someone’s neglected to tell you about a few costs.

For instance, it’s easy to decide that you’ll fly to the Bahamas and since that’s a six-hour flight away, that you don’t really need to work in any extra money for food at the airport. The thing is though, that you could easily forget that you’ve booked a flight that’s not all that direct. To save on expenses, you could have booked a flight that included a layover. What do you do then?

First, it can be expensive. You don’t want to take your new spouse to some McDonald’s at the terminal, do you? Good airports should over the 12 hour late over can easily end up costing you $200. You do need to work this in into your honeymoon on a budget when you decide to book a cheap flight with a layover.

It’s very easy to forget to plan for the tips you pay for everything at your destination. When you’re there for your honeymoon, every service person at the resort you’re staying at will expect a tip. And you’re expected to be generous. This could easily put a big dent in your payment budget if you don’t plan for this.

Now what if you go to the resort that you’ve made a reservation at, and your new bride suggests to you that a room upgrade for a mere $100 extra seems like such a great deal? No you don’t want to disappoint your new wife on her honeymoon, do you? Even if you’re on a honeymoon on a budget, you can’t really disappoint your new spouse on her honeymoon. You’ll just have to take it on. This kind of thing can really upend your budget.

And then of course there all kinds of little things that turn up that you never plan for. Buying reading material, paying for a beach cabana, a few healthcare expenses when someone has the runs – all of these need planning for.

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