Discount Travel Websites to Help Tame your Travel Costs this Year

by konya on March 14, 2012

The travel industry is getting better at raising its prices. They’ve learned that they can easily raise prices if can cut down on capacity – the warplanes if your hotels – they can easily raise prices. What this means for you and me though is that from now on, we are going to have to work harder to find our discounts. While being creative and original is always going to bring you better results than simply following a formula, these discount travel websites we have below should certainly get you started off in solid fashion.

Let’s start with discount travel websites that help you hunt those airfare discounts down. Whether you’re looking for cheap flights to a specific destination or you’re just hoping to travel somewhere nice in general, AirfareWatchdog is a great way to track down those discounts that the major travel websites won’t talk about.

They look in all kinds of obscure places, too. They look in those e-mail newsletters that the airlines only send to subscribers, these look for special discounts that the low-cost airlines put out from time to time, and so on.

If you’re not all that particular about where you want to go but you have a budget to work with, you can use the web page for suggestions on where a certain amount of money can take you.

If what you’re looking for is a bit deeper – if you’re looking for specific information on when the cheapest times to fly are, ITASoftware is a great way to look for information trends. They’ll show you a full calendar of what dates in a month or year are the cheapest.

All the information they give you, while it can be quite useful, doesn’t help with one particular kind of problem. Since airfares rise and fall all the time, how do you know if you should buy now or wait for something to drop later on? The Price Predictor feature on Bing Travel can be great way to do it. Try to buy a ticket, and this feature will try to show you what specific flights around the time you’re traveling are bound to drop over the coming days.

Another way to get help with how prices keep changing would be to use the services of Yapta. On this website, you get to put down the flight you’re looking for, the day and the price that you’re hoping things will come down to eventually. You get an e-mail every time the price of something drops and reaches this price that you’ve said.

Priceline is all about bidding for a hotel until you reach the price level set by the Priceline. You can also put down a price that you feel you’re willing to pay. And hotels will bid for your custom. There are many competing websites that try different takes on the same concept – BetterBidding, BigTraveler and others for instance.

There are great discount travel websites for those who don’t like their travel arrangements to come down to a price war., which is the superstar of the hotel booking scene with nearly 150,000 hotels around the world to offer bookings on for instance, puts out great last-minute deals every Tuesday and Thursday. You could be there to take advantage of it. And if what you’re looking for something really high-end, try Luxurylink.

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