Transportation in Boracay

Many tourists are compelled to visit Boracay Island, with it being one of the most famous beaches in the world. An island paradise beautifully tucked in nature and sea, Boracay Island is actually a destination that’s quite easy to visit. There are several options on how to get to Boracay Island. Most visitors whether from the Philippines or from foreign countries choose Manila as their point of origin when going to Boracay.

How do I get to Boracay?

Boracay Super FerriesWhen coming from Manila, to get to Bora, you may choose to travel by air, by sea, or even by land. There are flights daily going to two destinations in Aklan Province, Caticlan and Kalibo. The fastest and easiest route would be to fly to Caticlan, which is about an hour plane ride from Manila. From Caticlan, you can ride a ferry boat going to the island. When choosing Kalibo, you can fly Manila-to-Kalibo, get a bus ride to Caticlan, which is about an hour and half bus ride that would allow you to enjoy countryside sceneries of rice fields, hills, and nipa huts. Once you arrive in Caticlan, you may then proceed to ride a ferry boat going to Boracay Island.  Hourly trips are available and options vary from small to large ferries.

If you choose to travel by sea, you can opt to ride in Supper Ferries and ships that traverse through Visayas, trips are available from almost any point of origin in the Philippines. This route may take several days though depending on your point of origin. Once you dock in either Kalibo or Caticlan, you may then choose a ferry boat to take you to the island.

There are also commuter buses available that travel from Manila to Batangas, the Ro-Ro buses, which are then loaded in ships that cruise the waters of Visayas and will bring you to Kalibo.

Other than the options above, you may also choose to travel in style by chartering a private plane straight to Caticlan and then via ferry boat to the island.

How do I get around Boracay?

Rental Car in BoracayAlthough the island is relatively small, there are so many places to discover in Boracay. There are many activities that you might want to try out during your stay in the island. Ples, the island offers various sceneries that can take your breath away, surely one experience that you wouldn’t want to miss when visiting the island. So to go around and about the island, you may need some sort of transportation.

When choosing to visit the islands around Boaracay and some of its famous in-water activity venues, you may choose to hire a ferry boat that can take you island hopping.

There are also vehicles for rent that you can hire to take you around the island when seeking adventures on land. This will lead you to find spots for trekking and other off-water activities.

Helicopter tour rides are also available, this activity will you a breathtaking experience as you marvel in the scenery of the island through a bird’s eye view.

There are many options on how to get to Boracay Island, and the island is open to visitors all year round.