Boracay Famous Restaurants


Boracay is an island paradise that invites guests to a lot of physical activities. It is also a premier resort that offers varied gustatory delights to visitors from all over the globe. Various establishments offer international cuisine, fusion food, local viands and tropical fruit products made from the freshest ingredients. To taste the best selection of food that the island can offer, visitors must not neglect to drop by these five select restaurants in Boracay.


Paradiso Grill BoracayParadiso Grill. When in an island, it is only natural to enjoy the best that can be offered by the ocean—seafood. And when it comes to seafood in Boracay, there is no other establishment that comes close to Paradiso Grill. Serving an array of fresh lapu-lapu, lobsters, prawns, squids, and clams, this restaurant lets the flavor of the sea take center stage by using simple preparations that will not distract from the food themselves. This restaurant offers guests perfectly grilled seafood paired with white rice, vegetables and fruit drinks.


Gasthof Boracay RestaurantGasthof Boracay. Gasthof, strictly speaking, is a German restaurant that can be found at Boracay′s Station 2. A closer look, however, makes visitors realize that this is a difficult restaurant to categorize simply because its menu offers a mishmash of cuisines. It has the most popular Filipino dishes as well as a bit of unexpected and exotic entrees, along with the traditional German offerings such as wiener schintzel and sausages. But if a visitor must choose only one out of its impressive list of food, then it should its baby back ribs. Smothered in their secret concoction of barbecue sauce, those carefully grilled ribs will surely haunt any non-vegetarian′s palate when they leave Boracay.


Lemon i CafeLemon i Cafe. This is one of the best-reviewed restaurants in Boracay. It had been favorably reviewed by a leading lifestyle magazine in the Philippines—only fitting for an establishment known for its delicate pairing and matching of flavors, resulting in a criss-cross of culinary styles and tastes. Some of its best-selling items are the baguette, ciabatta, and salads. And of course, guests must not miss its well-loved lemon roast chicken, a fulfilling, tasty comfort food that had become a constant hit with repeat visitors.


DHobbit House boracayD′Hobbit House. There are many reasons why this is one of the most widely-known restaurants in Boracay: its interesting name (from its mostly midget staff), its mysterious, tree-like appearance, its excellent selection of alcoholic beverages, and its excellent food. It serves mostly pasta and pizza, great fastfood items for visitors who want something uncomplicated and familiar.


Jonas Boracay Fruit ShakesJonas Boracay Fruit Shakes. Boracay is blessed with wonderful tropical weather that allows the harvest of delicious fruits such as succulent mangoes, milky coconuts, sweet avocados, yummy bananas, and juicy melons and watermelons. Aside from eating them as is, straight from the Boracay talipapa (or market), there is not better way to enjoy them than through Jonas Fruit Shakes. Rich fruit flavors mixed with sweet milk, honey, and crushed ice in this restaurant is one healthy, tasty way to beat the summer heat.