Nightlife in Boracay


There are two top tourist draws in the tropical archipelago—the islands of Palawan and Boracay. Both have spectacular nature spots, both are populated by warm, welcoming villagers, and both have thriving tourism industries. However, Boracay edges out the other island—its exciting nighttime offerings, and that′s not about fireflies, stars or bats.


The small island village of Boracay turns into a thriving, pulsing hub of activity, with a string of pubs and bars, hundreds of musicians, and a bevy of parties electrifying the evenings in the island. And that exciting atmosphere is a multi-dimensional kind, with pockets of crazy-fun activities, quiet enjoyment of fine wine and music, as well as sweat-inducing dance parties. Some of the best nighttime spots in Boracay are below:


White Beach. Beautiful with its fine white sand during the day, the White Beach is also a hub of activity during the evening. All along its entire length are beachside bars which make the perfect backdrop for a lot of laidback enjoyment of wine, beer and bossa nova music during the colder lean season as well as cocktails, drinks and dancing during the peak season. Some of the more popular spots here to spend an evening are Cafe del Sol cafe bar and Mango Ray Boracay Resort with its great cocktails and appetizers.


Red Pirates. One of the more noteworthy spots at the beachfront is this bar, designed to look like ship and decked out in tables and chairs made of driftwood. It offers mid-priced drinks and cocktails that can be enjoyed while listening to excellent canned and live reggae, ethnic and acoustic music.


D′Mall. The name may immediately recall shopping, D′Mall is also home to many interesting pubs. Located at the heart of the Boracay activity hive, it is a stroll away from hotels and resort in Boracay′s Stations 1 and 2. Visitors who go to D′Mall in search of dinner will find themselves drawn to the open layout drinking spots sitting side-by-side with diners.


Cocomangas Shooter Bar. Now this is the ultimate libation place for hardcore party people. It has a wide selection of beer, wine, mixed cocktails and drinks. Most return visitors to Boracay come to this bar to beat its 15-drink challenge, which demands that guests stay upright after downing a succession of 15 of its unique drinks. And if that is not enough, guests can also enjoy good night of dancing on to its lively music and great dance floor.


Jammers. Although not exactly known as a party place, Jammers makes this list because it is the perfect restaurant to hang out all evening and into the wee hours of the morning for the families and friends. Open 24 hours a day, it offers friendly, familiar food like burgers and fish ′n chips that are perfect for those who feel hunger pangs during the course of their nocturnal happenings.


During the summer, the list of choices for nighttime partying becomes even longer. There are seasonal parties that celebrate the summer, sponsored by various individuals and companies. Most of these are open to the public, so summer revelers can find other party-goers and enjoy an evening of fun.