Five Things to do Boracay

Boracay is an island getaway perfect for all types of adventure seekers. The island with its powdery white sands and azure waters attracts tourists of all kinds. So if you’re seeking for a perfect place to experience water sports and breathtaking scenery, then Boracay Island is the place to be. Here are the top five things that adventure seekers love to do when visiting Boracay Island:

Snorkelling, Diving, and Other Water Sports

Experience the wonder of the sea as you snorkel in the waters of Boracay Island. The island’s vast crystal clear waters make it a perfect venue for activities such as snorkelling and diving. Strolling along the island will lead you to a number of dive shops that can help you gear up to a fun filled day of snorkelling and diving.  Glass bottom boat rides that are perfect for families travelling with children make a fun day to enjoy the crisp blue waters of Bora. There’s also the famous Banana Boat Ride which allows groups to enjoy a challenging and exciting escapade in the waters of Boracay Island. Parasailing, helmet diving, and all-day kayaking are also some of the top water sports activities dearly enjoyed.

Island Hopping

From White Beach you may go on a boat trip and discover the secrets of Boracay as you go island hopping to its famous spots that had been nurtured and sculpted by time and nature. Some of the famous island tours are Crystal Cove, Puka Beach, Tablas Island, Balanghai Beach, and laurel island. Rates are affordable and island hopping boat options can accommodate both small and large groups.

Off-Sea Activities

For those who would rather stay on land, Boracay also offers a multitude of activities for tourists to enjoy. Dine in luxury style in some of the world class establishments in the island. Play professional golf in Fairways and Bluewaters par 72 golf course. Stroll around the island to find great buys. Another way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Boracay Island is via Helicopter Island Tour.

Swimming, Sunbathing, or Simply Enjoying the Sunset

Be one with nature in Boracay Island as you spend the day swimming in its clear waters. Catch a tan sunbathing on its powdery white sands. Build sand castles with your kids. Or simply enjoy a relaxing afternoon on White Beach sipping island blends and refreshments.

As daytime ends, marvel into the rays of Boracay Island’s majestic sunset as the day welcomes night time and all the festivities that await island visitors.


Try out the restaurants in Boracay. Enjoy a feel of island festivities featured in some beachfront establishments where bands play island tunes as performers dance to its colourful beat. Dance the night away and savour the delectable delights offered in these restaurants.

Planning on a quiet evening instead? How about a beachfront massage? Resort Spas in Boracay offer authentic “Hilot” type massage which would surely leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. A perfect way to end a day filled with fun and activities.

It’s such a wonder how a small island can be packed with so many activities that people of all ages can enjoy!