Famous Attractions in Boracay

Known for its sugary white sands and azure waters, Boracay Island is a paradise getaway that showcases various famous attractions. As one of the most famous beaches in the world Boracay Island houses attractions that are famous for tourists. The island a favourite destination of tourists year round and is visited not only for its pristine beaches but also for the famous attractions that it has. Here are some of the famous attractions in Boracay:

White Beach

Powdery white sands, crystal clear waters that stretch for miles, beaches dotted with festive stalls, luxury hotels, and establishments that feature tropical island themes, are jsut a few things to expect when strolling around White Beach. White Beach is probably one of the main reasons why Boracay Island is a favourite vacation getaway for families and groups.

Balanghai Beach

Hoping to get away from all the hustle and bustle of Central Boracay? Why not visit Balanghai Beach?

Balanhai Beach offers a more serene and tropical paradise feel of the island. Balanhai Beach can be found on the Northeastern part of the island, it provides a cliff view of the island providing a breathtaking view of the sea.

Mount Luho

Standing 100 meters above sea level is the Mount Luho. Its peak is the highest part of Boracay Island, and offers a spectacular view of the entire island. Climbing the peak of this mountain can be quite a challenge. Reaching its peak though offers a majestic view of Boracay island.

Willy′s Rock

Willy’s Rock is an oddly shaped volcanic formation found in Borcay Island. Mounted top of the rock formation is a statue of the Virgin Mary. This spot has attracted many tourists and photographers.

Puka Shell Beach

Also known as Yupak Island, Puka Shell Beach is famous for the beautiful puka shells that can be found along its beach. Its lovely sands and beaches are dotted with just a few restaurants and establishments which makes it a serene and quiet vacation spot for tourists year round.

Bulabog Beach

Into kitesurfing and windsurfing? Then Bulabog Beach is the place to see when in Boracay Island. Bulabog Beach can found just right across White Beach.

Fairways & Bluewater

For golf enthusiasts, Boracay Island houses fairways and Bluewaters, and luxurious island resort which feautures a pa 72 golf course. The luxurious resort spawns in the northern part of the island, a quiet spot where tourists enjoy a luxury filled vacation and marvel at the wonders of nature

Boracay island is rich in natural beauty which made it the island inherently gifted with so many scenic spots that are perfect for any type of tourist, So whether you’re in a group travellers seeking water sports adventures, of vacationing families looking for a fun-filled vacation, or couples hoping to escape to a romantic tropical paradise, Boracay island is the place to go to. The many tourists that Boracay island has attracted over the decades has also helped the island to become more prosperous with establishments settling in offering handmade crafts as souvenirs or concocting delectable delights for guests to enjoy.