Budget Accommodations in Boracay

Planning on a weekend vacation with family and friends? Why not go Boracay Island? A Boracay Island vacation may not at all be as costly as you think. The island offers a number of budget accommodations that can suit your needs and budget.

You may choose to plan your Boracay Island vacation opting for world class luxury hotels to bed and breakfast budget accommodations. The choices are wide and varied. Some of the most visited tourist attractions and activity venues are actually highly accessible through most of the budget accommodations offered within the island.

If you’re looking for a beachfront experience without having to spend as much, you may want to check out some of the establishments listed below:

Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland - Boracay

Alice in Wonderland – located in Station 3 White Beach, Alice in Wonderland offer suites that are comfortable and accessible to the beach and other activity venues within the island. Its affordable rates that can be paid either through cash or credit card and bookings can be done year round.

For bookings contact 6336 288 3278


Villa Camilla Beach Resort

Villa Camilla Beach Resort boracayVilla Camilla Beach Resort – another beachfront resort located along Station 3, Villa Camilla Beach Resort features a tropical themed establishment with cozy rooms and homey features. This venue is well visited by repeat customers.

For bookings contact 6336 228 3354


While some budget accommodations may not offer a beachfront feature, most are conveniently located only minutes away to where all the activities are. Tourists can enjoy a nice walk on the streets of Boracay which showcase a number of stalls adorned with handmade crafts souvenir items, restaurants, and dive shops.

Orchid’s Resort

Orchid’s Resort – barely a minute’s walk away from White Beach, Orchid’s Resort is an ethnically inspired establishment built with nipa huts embellished native decors.  A secluded garden surrounds the resort which gives guests a feeling of being one with nature.

For reservations you may reach telephone numbers  6336 288 3313


Villa Romero Boracay

Villa Romero BoracayVilla Romero Boracay – away from the hustle and bustle of all the activities yet just a few steps away from the beachfront is Villa Romero. Villa Romero Boaracay cozy and stylish accommodations at affordable prices.

You may reach Villa Romero through landline number 6336 288 4421


Blue Coral Resort Boracay

Blue-Coral-Resort-BoracayBlue Coral Resort Boracay – a comfy haven comprised of six European themed rooms, Blue Coral Resort Boracay can be found on the other side of the island where guests can enjoy a time away from the business of Central Boracay while marvelling at its spectacular sceneries.

Blue Coral Resort can be reached through landline number 6336 288 5220.


Listed above are just a few of the frequently visited budget accommodations in Boracay Island. So when planning your Boracay vacation, whether you opt for luxurious world class amenities or affordable budget accommodations, Boracay Island offers a multitude of options that will suit your vacation needs. Budget accommodations in Boracay Island can be found both in the middle of the Island’s festive activities where beachfront living can be experienced or tucked in the sleepy parts of the island where peace and serenity can be enjoyed.  With Boracay Island offering a number of options on budget accommodations, your island vacation would surely be worthwhile.