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by konya on February 4, 2012

Spain is one of the beautiful countries for a holiday vacation. The currency of Spain is Euro. It is full of crowded beaches, bull fights and street dancers. The country has a great culture, art and cuisine. There are many tourist attractions, which one must visit. The most attractive places to visit in Spain are – Andalucía, Basque Country, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla León, Catalonia, Madrid, Murcia, Navarra and Valencia. You can have a dive in the beaches. You can find beaches near Malaga, Almeria and Huelva.

Most of the people like to save money on trips. The most expensive part in a holiday trip is travelling from one location to the other. Never rent a car in Spain. The road signs are confusing and the streets are poorly marked. You may get lost in your journey. There are some easy methods to cut your expenses in a trip. The first thing you must do is, to travel by a train. Spain is provided with incredible public transportation. You can travel long distances in train for a low price. It is more enjoyable and stress free. It is easier to book a train than a bus or any other transport. Sometimes you get huge discounts, if you book in advance. You can even get a discount up to 70% also. The Spanish trains are economical, luxurious and comfortable. If you compare with other states of Europe, the railway charges in Spain are comparatively low. The main advantage of travelling through train in Spain is, they take less time and are cheap. You must prefer trains for short journeys as they don’t have toilets in the coaches.

You can consider getting a train pass. Train pass is the cheapest option, if you wish to make several trips around Spain. There are two main operators of train passes in Europe – Inter Rail Pass and Eurail Spain Pass. These passes make the train travel cheaper. If you want to travel only in Spain, you can opt for Eurail Spain Pass There is some train passes, which offer unlimited travel around Spain.  Having a train passes saves you a lot of money. Rail passes are considered as best when travelling several places. Spain has the facility of metro trains and subways. All the bigger cities in Spain are connected by metro trains. These are low-priced and are easy to travel. You need not to worry about underworld transportation. They are built with easy-to- read-maps.

If you really want to have an inexpensive vacation, try to travel in company. You can share your expenses. Don’t carry too much luggage. The luggage charges in Spain are ridiculous.  If possible, carry only a hand-carried luggage. You can avoid unnecessary charges for luggage.

Spain gives travelling concession for students. So, always carry your college/school identity card or a documentary proof which shows you’re a student.  You can ask for discount in train tickets by shown your student identification. In this way, you can lower your travelling expenses and enjoy your holiday trip.

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