Make your next holiday trip to Denmark’s best places

by konya on February 6, 2012

Denmark is one of the beautiful countries located in Northern Europe. It has an area of 43,094 square kilometers. The full name of the country is Kingdom of Denmark. It is said to be one of the happiest nations in the world. The climate of Denmark is moderate. It has a cool temperature in summers.  There are many beautiful places to visit in Denmark. If you plan a holiday to Denmark, make sure to visit:  Amalienborg Palace, Assistant Cemetery, Barbie Doll Museum, Bakkehus Museum, Botanic Garden of Copenhagen and many more places.

Amalienborg is known as home to Denmark’s royal family. It is full of Mansions and palaces. Tourists are not allowed to enter into the buildings. There are a number of guards to take care of the buildings. Every day at 12 noon the guards change their positions, which is an eye catching event. Tourists are admired by the architecture and magnificent structure of the buildings.

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark. It is one of the oldest cities of the country. It is a college town, which is known for its nightlife. You can enjoy night discos and pubs in this city. There is a wonderful museum in Denmark, which one must visit. In Bakkehus Museum, you can learn a lot about the culture of Denmark. The other museum to visit in Denmark is The Viking Museum, which is located at the foot of Roskilde Fjord beside Roskilde harbor. For music lovers, there is a festival called Roskilde music festival, which is the biggest music event in Europe. If you have children with you in your trip, you must visit Barbie Doll Museum. You will enjoy a wide collection of Barbie Dolls. You’ll love visiting Friland museum. It is an open air museum, which shows how life was years ago. The museum is in Café Petersburg. It is a wonderful place to have lunch/dinner.

If you want a memorable experience for both adults and children, you must visit Copenhagen zoo. The zoo has different species of animals, crocodiles, many birds and insects. There is a botanical garden where you can take a pleasant and refreshing walk with your partner. You will find a variety of plants and trees in this botanical garden. The city of Copenhagen is filled with museums, gardens and exciting history.

There are some Islands located 800 miles to the north of Copenhagen. These are the Faroe Islands, which are carpeted with green mountains and filled with natural beauty. You will get a chance to watch beautiful and countless waterfalls, churches, farmhouses and fishing villages. This is definitely a great holiday destination. If you go towards Kaverndrup, you will find Egeskov Castle, which is one of the Europe’s best –preserved Island castles. It is filled with beautiful gardens – The French garden, Cottage garden, and the water garden. The interior of the castle is decorated with beautiful furniture, paintings and trophies.

Other than this, the places to visit in Denmark are – The little Mermaid statue, Carlsberg Brewery, Slotsholmen, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Legoland etc. Denmark is the perfect place to spend your vacation with your family and children.

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