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by konya on February 5, 2012

Finland is the European country which is known for its icy beauty and nature. It is situated in northern Europe, between Sweden and Russia. About 10% of Finland is covered with water and 70% of the country is covered with forests. It is the most suitable place for adventures. One can enjoy trekking, mountain biking, skiing and many water sports in Finland. The best time to visit Finland is July where you can enjoy mid-summer festivals.

As one quarter of the country lies in Arctic Circle, it experiences long and harsh winters. Finland offers midnight sun in summer and northern lights in winter. It is the second most stable country in the world. If you visit Finland, you’ll find some unusual facts which made the country unique.

The best sport in Finland is swimming in frozen water. The people feel it to be healthy as it improves blood circulation and makes you feel happy and content. Men and women of different ages swim in the freezing water for glory.

There are many festivals like – Finnish Metal Expo,   Ilosaarirock, and Ruisrock. Music is the important part of their culture. Finland is the home of Santa Claus.

If you consider the music of Finland, you’ll find jazz, metal and dance music. Finland has many churches and is filled only during Christmas season.  The Finnish have the right to any religion or no religion.

Most of the families in Finland own a lake, where they have their summer cottage.  If you plan a trip to Finland, don’t forget to rent a cottage. You love to enjoy your holiday in nature.

If you are a bird lover, then you will feel Finland as an excellent country for bird watching. You can find 248 bird species in Finland. You can spot Whooper swan, Cranes and Golden eagle throughout the year. You will find 35 national park’s in Finland, where you have fantastic opportunity to watch birds, bears, elks and reindeers

Finland is covered with lakes. There are approximately 187,888 lakes in Finland. It is a natural wonder with more trees than people. Finland is having largest number of islands in the world..

Saunas are an important part of Finnish culture. Finland is famous for smoke sauna. It is a hut made of wood, where rocks are heated by a wood fire and the smoke escapes through the roof. The hut is coated with soot from inside. The bathers take a branch of birch leaves, dip it in water and bat each other with it on the back.  You can have a great experience of sauna bath. After taking a sauna bath, you can taste a glass of Kossu, which is the Finnish vodka.

You can visit Helsinki, where you can find Swedish and Russian influence. It is one of the technologically savvy places in the world.  You will find trams and subway trains in Helsinki. It is the home of Nokia, Linux and many technology related items. It has most mobile phones and most email address per capita of any other nation in the world.

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