Cheap travel deal to historical travel lovers in Greece

by konya on February 3, 2012

Greece is a beautiful historic country in Europe. Greece has a population of nearly 11 million people. The capital of Greece is Athens. Athens is the perfect place for those who are interested in ancient and modern history. One must know the history of Greece. The buildings and monuments reflect the history and culture of Greece. You can see good civilization in Greece.  One can consider Greece as a favourite holiday spot. One must visit Greece to enjoy different activities like; hiking, mountain biking, sailing, and jet-skiing and canyoning to kayaking.  Greece is famous for its beautiful rocky mountains, calm beaches, Islands, natural flora and fauna, colourful and exciting nights and lavishing restaurants.

Packing your trip to Greece can be fun and easy, if you take a little care. There are many places in Greece, which can be visited with low budget.  You can go to Athens, where you’ll find historic and fascinating buildings. This is the best place for historical lovers. Not only in Athens, can you find their culture and history all over the Greece.  The Acropolis is the one of the top most archaeological sites in Europe.  Greece is a place of historical monuments like – Acropolis tower, Parliament building, Museums, churches and fascinating buildings with excellent architecture. One can choose budget package to visit Greece. This includes low fare airways, economy accommodation and affordable transportation. This is a fair and good deal.

There are many economy airlines to Greece, where you can save up to 10%. The earlier you book a flight the more inexpensive the fare. Have a watch on discounts. Generally, airlines have short of cash in January and February. To stay in Greece, you can choose hotels with low budget. There is a website called, where you can find list of cheap hotels. You can compare the prices with other hotels and find the best hotel deal. You can book the hotel from the website in advance. You can contact a travel agent also. Sometimes it proves to be beneficial. The travel agents make deals with some hotels for low rates for the promise of booking. They book the hotel rooms in advance or before season. You can get the rooms at a very low price if you contact a travel agent.

You can find different types of transportation in Greece. The best transportation in Greece is Metro. If you wish to go to Athens, you need to spend only 5 euro. This is really a low fare. You can even hire a car or a bike, go by bus or train.  Metro is cheaper compared to other modes of transportation.

For people who like entertainment, you can watch events like music concerts, sports and film festivals.  The panathinaiko stadium is one of the oldest stadiums. You can taste delicious multi-cuisine food like fishes, cheese dishes etc. in restaurants like Rock Café, Spondini etc. Greece is the land of Islands. You enjoy watching the spectacular green mountains carpeted with olive groves, cypress trees and beautiful flowers. The main holiday destinations in Greece are – Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos which one must visit.

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